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A myriad of challenges that fuel Yemen's ongoing conflict contributes to a growing sense of pessimism among Yemenis, which leads to narratives and realities associated with hopelessness, skepticism, and lack of faith in any prospects for peace. A primary promoter of this cycle of adversarial rhetoric and negative perceptions is due to misleading research and media covering Yemen, which contributes to the conflict and, as in most cases, benefits from swaying Yemeni perceptions and their outlook for peace.

The overwhelming majority of local and international analysis on Yemen participates in a distorted and inflammatory discourse that diminishes the prospects of positive outcomes. Yemenis deserve a reliable and responsible source of information that provides news and studies that inform Yemeni communities by steering the discourse towards conflict resolution and sustainable peace.

YIC launched with locations throughout Yemen as an independent non-partisan Yemeni center seeking alternative media and scholarly research that answers Yemen's most pressing needs. We believe that peace cannot be realized without enhancing our peoples' awareness and understanding of Yemen's conflict at its roots. To build a solid foundation for permanent peace, Yemeni communities and international stakeholders need to address the systemic root causes of conflict in Yemen.

By centering on the systemic issues causing Yemen's prevalent conflicts, YIC helps bring Yemenis together and closer to reaching sustainable peace. Our center clarifies the distortions to its followers, highlights local and global stakeholders' peacebuilding and humanitarian efforts, and convenes all actionable ideas in various fora and publications.

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Through our news service, methodical newsletters, podcasts, and other media, YIC epitomizes the reliability of information.

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WE Research & Publish

Engaging credible subject matter experts who not only speak to scientific and proven realities, but also help monitor, evaluate, and influence better scenarios.

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we convene & connect

Bringing rigorous analysis to all stakeholders in our meetings, events, and gatherings that help to inspire decisions that matter.

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