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abulwahab ABdullah alhajjri



Abdulwahab Alhajjri is the driving force behind numerous concepts offering non-traditional alternative solutions to complicated issues. Alhajjri is a retired career diplomat who, in his last major role, served as Yemen’s Ambassador to the United States and Mexico for fifteen years.


During his Ambassadorship in Washington D.C., he had many significant accomplishments, including restoring U.S.-Yemeni relations and aid programs, enhancing security cooperation, and supporting the economic development and investment climate in Yemen. At his capacity as the Ambassador, Alhajjri co-planned, approved, launched, and facilitated the implementation of development programs from various donors.


After leaving the diplomatic corps Alhajjri worked in different capacities, including as a Consultant with the Palladium International global consulting group; Member of the Spectrum Group consulting firm in Washington DC, Senior Distinguished Fellow for International Affairs at the National Council on US-Arab Relations; Member of the Board of the American Institute for Yemeni Studies; and Founding Member of the Council on Arab Dialogue with Latin America in the Dominican Republic.

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Nada Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri



Nada Al-Hajjri is an international development professional with over 14 years of experience working on programs that span across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Yemen, with a special focus on funding management, evaluations and strategic partnerships.

Aladdin Mohammed Alkadi


Aladdin Alkadi is a business administration professional with over 4 years of working experience.

Alkadi worked as a Case Management Associate in UNICEF Yemen, where he supported various UNICEF project cycles in the Emergency Cash Transfer Project, identified solutions for the beneficiaries of the Social Welfare in Yemen, and advised the Fraud Support and endorsement team.

Alkadi graduated with Masters in Bussines administration - Finance (MBA) from the school of Finance at the University of Jordan. His thesis focuses on a case study from Jordan regarding the Impact of Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Bank Capital on Banks Profitability. Alkadi graduated with honors from the Applied Science Private University in Amman, Jordan, majoring in Banking and Finance.


Ahmed Saeed Al Wahsh

Branch Manager - Aden Office

He holds a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Sana'a in 1991, and worked progressively, and his practical experiences varied between field and administrative works, agricultural, environmental and climate technical committees, and he also held many executive leadership positions for development projects, sustainable programs, and climate change funded by the International Development Authority ( IDA), the Japanese Environment Fund (JFGE), the Global Environment Fund (GEF), and the Arab Development Organization. He also held the position of Director General of the Agricultural Research Authority in the governorates of Taiz and Ibb, and had a hand in contributing to the establishment and management of many specialized research centers. Technical workshops, international and local conferences and qualifying courses at the American University and ICARDA organizations on sustainable development. He also contributed to implementing a number of programs for community awareness and organizing local communities in the form of groups, groups and associations of project users. In addition, he worked and helped develop community skills on a culture of peace and coexistence. Al-Salami community, he chaired the Agricultural Engineers Syndicate in Taiz / Ibb, and participated in supporting the youth sector For unemployed graduates; Therefore, he is considered a prominent social figure who has contributed to solving many problems and conflicts between members of society and preserving the social fabric, customs and traditions.


Dr. Abdul-Kawi Hizam Al-Shamiri

Researcher - Vice President for Strategic Affairs &  Ibb Office Director

As his academic background and interest has been in media and cultural studies, al-Shamiri has become fascinated in how the media, specifically the Western, cover international issues and conflicts. This interest deepened during the Arab Spring events and during the Yemeni conflict. His research interest focuses on these, along with other cultural, issues.


Among his non-academic administrative works, al-Shamiri held the positions of a Director of  the English Department, vice dean for the Quality Assurance, Dean of the Centre for Languages and Translation and the Head of Ibb University teaching staff Union.

Besides his research activities at the Yemen Information Centre, al-Shamiri is an assistant professor at Ibb University, supervising MA students and teaching discourse analysis, translation, media and communication studies since his graduation in 2010. He also worked as a lecturer at the University of Birmingham, where he obtained a “Certified Lecturer” academic title that qualifies him to teach at British Universities. He also worked as a trainer for CommunicAid Group Limited (London / Cheltenham: UK), where he delivered cultural orientations for British diplomats who were supposed to work in Yemen .

Al-Shamiri studied communication, translation and cultural studies at the University of Warwick (England), where he received his MA and PhD degrees.


Mohammed Bawazir

Director of Creative and Graphic design - Aden Office

He worked as a marketing manager at Meydan Company and as a public relations officer in Al Hajri Consulting Office and works as a designer at Golden Company. Graduated from the Lebanese University with a major in graphics. He attended many seminars and courses related to the field.

Nada albukari

Manager of Public Relations and Visual Production - Sana's Office

Nada is a presenter and social programmer who worked for several media outlets (radio and television) for several years.

She held the position of a program manager for more than two workers in the Alwan FM radio. She participated in preparing and presenting community programs interested in peace and women issues and their positive and effective role in society.

It produced many flash drives and social awareness videos that reinforce the principle of coexistence among the community.

An active member in a number of youth initiatives and civil society organizations. Nada always strives to provide the best in her business and believes in the importance of spreading the spirit of hope and optimism in everything she does.


Abdul-Aziz Ali Oudah

Editor-in-chief Sawt Al-Amal Newspaper & WDP Newspaper - Aden Office

An independent Yemeni journalist, editor of the Yemen Observer newspaper in both English and Arabic, managing editor of Al-Saeeda News Agency (in English), general supervisor of the Daily Yemen news website in English.

Vice President of Wojooh Media and Development - Member of the Board of Trustees. He worked as the head of news for the Al-Aqeeq satellite channel as a resident reporter for IRIN


Alia Mohammed Al Hamadi

Journalist and Editorial Secretary in Khabar Khair Newspaper - Aden Office

A Yemeni journalist interested in social issues, women and children issues. She worked in a number of audio, television and read media outlets, as a news editor for news websites. She worked as a preparer and presenter of programs in many radios.

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