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Our team

Haneen Ahmed Alwahsh

Journalist and Editorial Secretary in Sawt Al Amal - Aden Office

Graduated from the university, majoring in media, public relations department. she worked for the Peace and Social Security Organization.


She also worked at the Future University in relations, student affairs and secretarial affairs, in addition to participating in many humanitarian, youth and women's initiatives to revive the cultural and civilizational heritage of the heritage of traditional folk dress.


Dr. Fathiah Mohammed Mohammed

Researcher - Sana'a Office

Researcher in field of strategic planning and quality assurance. Assistant Professor at the Center of Academic Development and Quality Assurance at Sana'a University.  Former Director of Educational Quality Department of Old Sana'a. Directorate Member of Quality Department in  Education Office in the capital. She participated in many private workshops. Preparing strategic plans, and description of programs and academic courses for Sana'a University. She participated in many conferences, such as the Ministry of Higher Education Conference for the year (2016) and The Andalus University Conference for the year (2019). She has a extensive experience and fruitful years of educational work.


Soa'ad Ali Abdullah Al-Balakhi

Researcher Assistance & Translator - Ibb Office

She holds a bachelor's degree in English Studies, Faculty of Arts, Ibb University. She has continued her Master's degree in translation at the same university.


She worked as an English teacher at the Centre for Languages and Translation, Ibb University for four years, as well as a freelance translator on several websites, texts editor, and reviewer.


She is interested in analyzing media material, and is good at writing articles in many fields, literary texts, and short stories.

She has great interest in humanitarian issues and everything that would develop one’s critical thinking and creative imagination.

نائلة علي هادي.jpg

Naelah Ali Hadi Al-Sanani

Secretary- Sana'a Office 

Extensive experience in the field of secretarial work since the beginning of my career in the year 2000. She obtained a secretarial diploma after secondary school. She graduated in positions starting with head of secretarial department, then director of secretarial department, then assistant general director in the office of the center.

She participated in the field survey of the current information reality. She was integrated in several broken courses Strategic Planning Building and management of task forces - Self (and functional) excavation skills

هاجر سامعي.jpg

Hajar Samei

Director of the proofreading unit - Sana'a office

Lecturer at Sana'a University, proofreader and content writer.

She holds a master's degree in Arabic literature and criticism, and is currently preparing a doctorate.

She holds a TOEFL (ITP) from AMIDEAST, and a Higher Diploma in English from YALI.

She holds a modern executive secretarial diploma (Seeds Education Institute.

Trained in the field of language and literature.

Language reviewer for a large number of university theses, translated books and novels since 2011.

She participated in several literary mornings, and won prizes and certificates of appreciation for her participation in the fields of short stories, poetry and drawing, the most important of which is the Afrabia Prize 2019 at the level of the Arab world and East Africa in the short story.

Completed a number of researches related to literature and language.

She taught in a number of prestigious schools for multiple grades, the most important of which are the Turkish International Schools.

Through her practical experiences, Hajar has gained experience in building public relations, respect for others, acceptance of others, working in a team spirit and performing tasks to the fullest and on time).

هاني الناشري_1_edited.jpg

Hani Abdullah Alnashiry

Designer - Sana's Office

Designer and artistic director with long experience in directing press and artistic works since 1995.

He worked as artistic director for a group of press institutions and art and advertising companies, including the Yemen Observer, Yemen Today, Al-Shamadan Advertising, Al-Arabiya Al-Saeeda magazine and Al-Yaman Al-Youm newspaper.

Extensive experience in the field of design, press direction, commercial and advertising publications.

محمد الصعفاني.jpeg

Mohamed Al-Safani

Director - Sana's Office

He Worked on cable of movies also cable of TV shows and some flashes.


Mohammed Al-Tabsh

Graphic Designer - Monterey - Sana's Office

Working as a graphic designer and a video editor.

He Has five years of experience in video editing of television productions, a specialist in visual media production and film production, a documentary producer for famous channels ( local and foreign), a creative director, a director of photography of several information material for non-governmental organizations and civil society institutions.


Holds BA in French from Sana'a University, participated in many course of modern media from international educational platforms that focus on making visual materials and motion graphics.

Analysis That Matters.

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